High standards of Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality Control

We are very committed to delivering the highest quality products for consumers and customers, and we expect a higher standard for ourselves than set by anyone else.
We have opened our doors to some of the leading organizations in the world and demonstrated for them our processes and commitment or production. Throughout production, our staff monitors and manages every step of the process and ensure that all meets our high expectations for safety and quality. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards for safety and quality is reflected in our innovative methods, our state of the art technology, and our industry leading quality assurance systems. Most of all, that commitment is reflected in the dedication and expertise of the people who work for FOB Hong Kong, who ensure that everything we ship matches our clients needs.

We work hard to make sure your products match your plans and standards. Our experienced quality control technicians work in our factories to inspect your product at every stage of production. We always keep you updated on the process, and your items are spot-checked a final time before shipment.

Our clients can personally experience our dedication to quality from the comfort of their own office by tracking every aspect of their production through our special partnership with TrackMyProduction.com. At FOBHK, we stand behind our ability to produce your order efficiently and effectively from start to finish.
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